Con la estantería apilable de uso flexible, los productos que no son dimensionalmente estables pueden almacenarse sin estantes fijos

The GEBHARDT storage racks

Do you want to make optimum use of your storage capacities and store goods of all kinds safely and efficiently? With the flexible stacking racks from Gebhardt, you can even store products that are not dimensionally stable without fixed shelving!

The GEBHARDT storage racks

With the GEBHARDT load carriers for storage and stacking, you can optimally utilise your storage capacities and at the same time act with maximum flexibility in your warehousing. Existing logistics processes can be integrated without any problems and extended or streamlined by the well thought-out solutions. With our shelf racks and Intainern® you can make goods of all kinds storable and store them with or without pallets in our metal rack. Is your storage space limited in terms of time and space? No problem! The GEBHARDT racks can be moved without effort with industrial trucks and are ideally suited as a flexible rack replacement or Big Bag rack. As a highly compactable system, the stacking racks can be nested or stacked in a very simple way without tools when not in use or during transport on the truck.

Learn more about the GEBHARDT load carriers and increase the efficiency of your logistics processes. Let us advise you without obligation and benefit from our more than 190 years of know-how in the logistics industry!

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Your benefit at a glance

  • Suitable for goods of all kinds
  • For flexible and individual storage design
  • An alternative to shelf storage
  • A stable returnable system
  • High compaction of empties
  • Customer-specific designs possible

A flexible and individual shelf replacement

A special problem arises with goods whose height exceeds the base area, as the load carrier cannot be folded when empty and thus cannot be compacted. The Intainer® solves this problem with its special construction. When empty, it can simply be placed one inside the other. The goods to be loaded can either be loaded onto pallets or placed directly into the Intainer®, whereby possible additional features of the Intainer® extend the range of applications. The stable stacking frame in the usual high GEBHARDT quality can be filled without any problems up to a payload of several tonnes and stacked many times in a stable manner. Find out more about the configurable GEBHARDT Intainers® and increase the efficiency of your logistics processes through optionally possible special designs.

  • High stability
  • For unstable loads

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A highly compressible system

The system is perfectly suited for process or seasonal space requirements. If you need your halls or storage space for something else in the meantime, the Intainer® can be nested and put aside to save space. Nesting means that the racks are placed one inside the other. This is achieved by a specially designed contour and allows a volume reduction of up to 80%.  The advantage is that the compaction process is carried out without any tools or muscle power using a suitable industrial truck. Use the flexibility of this empty compactable system for your logistics and inform yourself without obligation about the numerous possibilities of the GEBHARDT-Intainer®!

  • Nesting system
  • Space saving

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La estantería puede utilizarse como alternativa a las estanterías clásicas, como almacenamiento en bloque o para cubrir una necesidad temporal de espacio de almacenamiento adicional

The GEBHARDT-Intainer® for a wide range of applications in your logistics

As an alternative to classic shelving, as block storage or simply to bridge a temporary additional need for storage space, the application possibilities of this storage and stacking rack are manifold. When not in use, the optionally available insertable rods can be magazined at the back and stowed away to save space.  Do you use big bags and want to store them in a hanging position instead of on a pallet? There is also a suitable stacking frame for the GEBHARDT-Intainer®! You are unsure whether there is a suitable application for your process or your load? Our experts for storage equipment will be happy to advise you without obligation and individually for your application!

  • Insertion bars optionally available

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Versatility of the GEBHARDT shelving racks

Discover the versatile Gebhardt shelf racks and use their advantages for your warehouse! Our high-quality storage racks offer a high payload and allow for efficient transport while ensuring safe storage. If you don't want to be restricted by fixed storage facilities, our racking frames are the perfect solution for making flexible use of your storage volume. Our shelving racks are optimal for storing goods that cannot be loaded from above due to their fixed nature. Additional safety is provided by wall linings on the folding walls and suspension rods that can be easily mounted between the walls.

Discover the smart solution to your storage challenges now with Gebhardt shelving racks. Optimise your storage and use your storage volume with maximum flexibility!

  • High stability
  • For storage of unstable stored goods

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RENT instead of buying

Discover an interesting alternative to buying at GEBHARDT - the rental of high-quality shelf racks. Together with you, we develop an individual needs analysis in a first step, which serves as the basis for the decision between purchase and rental. Due to different contract periods, you benefit as a customer and gain more flexibility. Renting load carriers from our rental pool enables you, for example, to cover seasonal peaks efficiently and at short notice. In addition, the rental option gives you more flexibility when completely restocking your warehouse or during the ramp-up phase of a project. Quite unlike buying, renting can be extremely attractive in terms of price in such situations. After the rental period, the containers can be taken over or returned to GEBHARDT.

You are interested in container rental and would like advice on possible savings - our team is happy to help!

  • Balancing seasonal peaks through rental pools
  • Container rental as an attractively priced option to purchase

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Use storage volume correctly

With Gebhardt storage racks, you can easily react to seasonal fluctuations and also operate in global supply chains. Numerous customers have already recognised how valuable the newly gained freedom in storage set-up is and are benefiting from it in their warehouse management. The foldable shelving racks are lightweight, ergonomic and can be folded without tools so that no parts are lost. Stack up to 20 racks or compact 96 racks for truck return.

Discover the ease and safety of shelf racks for efficient warehousing. Optimise your storage processes with our first-class storage racks!

  • 96 racks on one truck
  • Compensate for seasonal fluctuations

Convince yourself!

Dimensions Intainer®

Intainer® Dimensions Outside (DxWxH) Dimensions Inside (DxWxH) Payload Stacking
The UNIVERSAL 1.500 x 1.384 x 1.258-2.558 mm 1.350 x 1.300 x 1.000 -2.300 mm 200-1.500 kg 1+1-fold
to 1+5-fold
The WIDTH 1.500 x 1.184 x 1.258-2.558 mm 1.350 x 1.100 x 1.000-2.300 mm 200 - 1.200 kg 1+1-fold
to 1+5-fold
The NARROW 1.300 x 1.384 x 1.258-2.558 mm 1.150 x 1.300 x 1.000-2.300 mm 200-1.200 kg 1+1-fold
to 1+5-fold
The GREAT 2.000 x 1.384 x 1.258-1.758 mm 1.850 x 1.300 x 1.000 -1.500 mm 200-1.200 kg 1+1-fold
to 1+5-fold

Dimensions Shelf Rack

Shelf Rack Dimensions Outside (DxWxH) Dimensions Inside (DxWxH) Payload Stacking
No.: 1059878 2.395 x 1.250 x 2.200 mm 2.212 x 1.187 x 2.017 mm 1.000 . 1.500 kg 1+2-fold to
No.: 1061629 2.395 x 1.250 x 1.500 mm 2.212 x 1.187 x 1.317 mm 1.000 - 1.500 kg 1+4-fold
No.: 162006 1.983 x 1.250 x 1.788 mm 1.800 x 1.187 x 1.605 mm 1.000 - 1.500 kg 1+4-fold


For your individual soltuion we will find the right size in our Intainer® configurator.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about GEBHARDT storage racks

How high can I stack storage racks?

GEBHARDT-Intainer® and shelf racks can be stacked several times depending on the resulting slenderness ratio and the statics. This is calculated from the basic dimensions and the desired payload. We will be happy to advise you on this!

What is the load-bearing capacity of the frames and for what payload and superimposed load are they approved?

The Intainer® from GEBHARDT is configured taking into account the individual load situation. Payloads and superimposed loads of up to several tonnes are possible. The shelf racks are suitable for up to 1,500 kg with 3-fold stacking.

Can I load and unload an Intainer® or shelf rack like a shelf?

Since Intainers® and storage racks are not a fixed, permanently connected system, but storage devices including all the associated advantages, the handling is also somewhat different. The Intainer® or storage racks must be stacked individually and can then be loaded and unloaded.

Can my Intainer® be customised?

The Intainer® is configured for you based on your requirements. If possible, special requests can also be taken into account individually. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Which surfaces are possible with GEBHARDT-Intainers® and shelf frames?

Depending on the product use and the product material, we can depict different surfaces (galvanising, powder coating according to RAL spectrum).

Which industrial trucks can be used to transport the GEBHARDT-Intainer® and shelf racks?

The containers are suitable for a wide range of forklift trucks. Our sales team will be happy to discuss the details with you.

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