The GEBHARDT cable drums

Easy (un)winding with the wooden cable drums from GEBHARDT!

The high-quality, series-produced wooden cable drums and wooden spools from GEBHARDT are perfect for automatic winding of cables and wires of all kinds!

The GEBHARDT cable drums

For GEBHARDT as a manufacturer of wooden cable drums and wooden spools, the focus is on the protection of your products and the possibility to automate the winding process. Our product developers design wooden drums and cable spools that optimize your production process and can be easily integrated into your intralogistics. Our cable drum family includes plywood and solid wood drums as well as suitable storage and export solutions. All wooden cable drums are suitable for both manual and automated high-speed winding and convince with a smoothly planed surface. GEBHARDT products are characterized by precise manufacturing, dimensional accuracy and high load-bearing capacity, enabling us to support your processes in the best possible way.  Manufacturing with high quality has been our standard for more than 190 years!

Learn more about the GEBHARDT drums for optical fibre cables, pipes, conductors, ropes or wires and find the best solution for your application; individual designs on customer request are possible!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Particularly suitable for broadband expansion with fiber optic cable
  • For cables, ropes, pipes, conduits, or wires
  • Precise production with low radial runout
  • Automated winding possible
  • Individual labeling and customer-specific designs possible
  • Optimal protection of your coiled material
  • Plywood drums
  • Solid wood drums
  • Cable drum pallets

With the GEBAHRDT wooden cable reels you perfectly handle the broadband expansion with fiber optic cable

The GEBHARDT cable drums are particularly suitable for broadband expansion in the telecommunications industry and support the advancement of digitalization through their quality and precise manufacturing. The plywood as well as solid wood cable drums are manufactured in our German factories with very high quality standards and are ideally suited for robot winding. The built-in insertion and testing holes in the flanges (side walls) ensure that the cable can be subsequently connected and tested at both ends after winding the cable reel. We support the digital transformation of our customers with fiber optic cables with small as well as large drums made of wood, which we can also manufacture individually for you and optionally deliver in kits.

  • Perfect for broadband expansion with fibre optic cable
  • Customised production possible

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Precisely wound- The Gebhardt plywood drums ensure optimum winding patterns.

The GEBAHRDT plywood drums have a particularly precisely manufactured plywood core and are suitable as disposable drums. The stable plywood core ensures the best possible winding patterns and contributes significantly to the prevention of radial run-out.  The combination of cardboard core inside and plywood core outside supports the stability of the flanges and counteracts cupping of the material. Multiple riveting to connect the components completes the smart and stable, load-bearing design. The result is a drum that can be wound either conventionally within a manual process or by a fully automatic system without any problems or interruptions.

Convince yourself of the advantages of GEBHARDT plywood drums!

  • Best possible winding patterns to avoid radial runout
  • Suitable for fully automatic winding

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The right solution for every winding material and every application

With GEBHARDT wooden drums you can safely wind any kind of cables, pipes, conductors, ropes, wires or strands and prevent damage to your sensitive products due to the precisely manufactured, smooth wooden surfaces. Tailored to your application and specific processes, we design GEBHARDT plywood drums that are right for you. No matter what payload, dimension or quality requirement, we will find a suitable solution for storage, transport or export. Within our variable CNC production, we can implement your customer's request and map the most diverse flange or core diameters as well as winding widths.  Individual hole patterns and milling, adapted to your processes, are a matter of course for us. Choose between different types of plywood, depending on your requirements and configure your wooden cable reel with individual lettering, barcodes and markings.

You are unsure about the composition of the components and quality levels? Our experts will be happy to advise you individually on your design.

  • For any kind of cables, pipes, conduits, ropes, wires or strands
  • Individual production with different flange or core diameters as well as winding widths possible

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The stable GEBHARDT solid wood drums with high load capacity for outdoor use.

As weather-resistant reusable drums and for heavy loads, the GEBHARDT solid wood drums made of softwood timber are the right choice. By using high quality wood sorting and drying of the material, the wooden drums are equipped for several rotations in your logistics processes and are ideally suited for outdoor use. When choosing solid wood drums from GEBHARDT, different flange diameters of up to 2,400 mm can be selected. Core design, cable outlets and holes are matched to suit your production and logistics processes. Convince yourself of the quality of GEBHARDT solid wood drums and arrange a non-binding appointment with our experts.

  • Weatherproof reusable drums and for heavy loads
  • Core design, cable outlets and drill holes individually suitable for your production and logistics processes

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Store wooden drums or spools with the appropriate pallet in the high-bay warehouse

Do you want to make optimum use of your storage space and store your drums and wooden spools in a rack or fully automated high-bay warehouse? Then the GEBHARDT cable reel pallet is just right for you! The combination of metal top with wooden pallet is particularly stable and suitable for all common industrial trucks. The pallet can be configured to suit your requirements and is suitable for materials handling and high-bay warehouses due to its proven design. The wooden supports for holding and securing your wooden cable drums are adapted to your required dimensions. Multiple diameters and widths can easily be accommodated. Multiple storage is also possible, depending on the size.  Use the advantages of the Gebhardt cable drum pallet also for your logistics processes and ask for cable drum pallet from GEBHARDT without obligation!

  • Suitable for storage of cable drums
  • Pallet custom made for your requirements

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Certified drums

The cable drums are regularly tested and certified to provide optimum support for your logistics operations.

PEFC certificate

The PEFC certificate certifies that the wood used by GEBHARDT comes from a legal source and ensures sustainable forestry. Responsible and sustainable raw material procurement is important to us!

  • Certificate valid until 2024
  • PEFC certified wood products
IPPC or ISPM certificate

In our Certified Drying Chambers we can heat treat your wood products in a controlled manner and efficiently rid them of possible pests.

  • Wood treatment based on IPPC or ISPM certificate available on request

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the GEBHARDT cable drums

Why a cable drum/coil from GEBHARDT?

Our plywood cores are particularly accurate and allow winding at high speeds. At the same time, our drums are very flexible in design and high quality.

What do I use cable reels and cable spools for?

The various cable drums are used for the transport and storage of empty conduits, finished cables, wires and other miscellaneous coiled goods.

What drum dimensions can be manufactured?

All dimensions of flange diameter, thickness, winding width, core diameter and thickness can be customized to meet individual customer requirements. In addition, standard dimensions are available. We will be pleased to advise you on the exact details.

Is it a one-way or a reusable system?

Our cable drums, can be adapted and used for one-way as well as reusable processes, according to customer requirements.

What types of wood and according to what quality class are used?

In general, all common (ply) wood types can be implemented.
Taking into account customer-specific requirements as well as availability, the optimum material can be selected for you and, if desired, validated by means of tests in our in-house Test & Technology Center or on site at the customer.

Are there accessories for cable reels?

For almost all drum sizes, carrier pallets made of metal or a metal-wood combination are available. This allows GEBHARDT drums to be used on conveyor systems and high-bay warehouses.

Can I integrate a flange imprint?

Lettering can be provided upon request.
Company logos are also possible.

Can I use cable drums on a conveyor system or in a high rack?

Without accessories, cable drums and spools are not suitable for use on a conveyor system or in a high rack. However, with the help of GEBHARDT cable reel pallets this is possible.

What is the payload or winding load of a cable drum?

The design of the drums can be adapted according to customer requirements so that the  winding load requirement is achieved. We will be pleased to advise you on this.

Can cable outlets be integrated?

Yes, outlets in the form of apertures and millings can be realized variably in position and size - taking stability into account.

Is there a tracking solution for the GEBHARDT cable drum?

Yes, solutions from asset tracking to premium tracking can be integrated into an existing or new drum system.

Can barcodes or QR codes be attached to the drums/reels?

Yes, these can be provided via imprint or a sticker.