Eutectic plates

Your benefits at a glance

  • Extension of the transport time in the fresh and frozen area
  • Alternative to dry ice
  • Reusable and long service life
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Sustainable through resource conservation

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Melting point Shell color Closure color Dimensions (LxWxH) item number
-3°C RAL 3020 red 390 x 295 x 34 mm 6029524
-3°C RAL 3020 red 480 x 280 x 34 mm 1006919
-3°C natur red 480 x 280 x 34 mm 0004655
-3°C natur red 615 x 378 x 34 mm 0044439
-14°C natur yellow 480 x 280 x 34 mm 0047068
-18°C natur green 480 x 280 x 34 mm 6081958
-21°C natur blue 390 x 295 x 34 mm 6029522
-21°C natur blue 480 x 280 x 34 mm 0074699
-21°C RAL 5010 blue 480 x 280 x 34 mm 1006918
-21°C natur blue 615 x 378 x 34 mm 0004658
-21°C natur blue 615 x 378 x 34 mm 0074675


  • Outer shell made of food-safe and resistant polyethylene
  • A non-toxic brine is used as the coolant


  • Freezing the plates in the cold store or rapid freezing cell
  • Filling must be completely frozen and solidified before use
  • The freezing temperature must be at least 5 ° C below the melting temperature of the eutectic plate
  • In order to achieve the optimal freezing result, there must always be an air gap between the eutectic plates so that the cold air can circulate freely
  • The best way to do this is to use the GEBHARDT freezer racks!


Eutectic plates can be placed in the Isotec thermal container either on mounting rails or on special grid floors. During transport, they release their stored cold energy and thus enable the transport time to be extended - depending on the type and number of panels used. We would be happy to calculate your individual application!